It goes without saying that subterranean termites are disturbing factors that may cause costly and serious damage to our properties and buildings. Therefore, we have to take necessary actions to control termites if the damage becomes visible, and to prevent possible damage when we are about to start a construction project by using the most effective termite baiting system, which is only available at KCS.

  1. Soil Treatment
    As a socially and environmentally responsible professional firm, we are ready to provide you with a state-of-the-art creative soil treatment solution to prevent any possible disturbance to your construction by insects and other damage caused by termites, fleas, ants, roaches and so on. This mechanism will help keep your construction strong and long lasting.
  2. Corrective treatmentIf your old building was not well treated before its construction, and is now deteriorating and manifesting some signs of insect nuisance, we have techniques to manage this damage, and then to protect and maintain your buildings.
  3. Wood product treatmentSince wood products begin to deteriorate so rapidly, it is necessary to properly treat them before they are used. FKS has the right facilities to handle this problem. Contact us now for more information about our creative solutions. 
  4. Termite Bait StationsWe are offers the exclusive distributor the Termite Bait Stations system. This system has become to the standard in termites management for family property safe and environmentally the buildings. It is a long terms, effective. During the construction in ground stations within the perimeter of your property. Termite Bait System gives you a window into their underground world. You can see exactly when they arrive in the bait. It’s then simply a matter of freshly adding a miniscule amount of termiticide (Termidor Dust recommended) to the bait.