KHMER CLEANING SERVICES CO., LTD is a subsidiary of HCC Group Co., Ltd, is a well-recognized market leader in the field of environmental services. In fact, it was the success of this core part of the Group’s business, combined with our expansion into other industry sectors, which prompted the Board of Directors to launch the environmental services divisions as an independent subsidiary called KCS.

KCS enjoys a well-earned reputation as a market leader and the long-term relationship we have with most of our customers are the result of the high-quality services we have consistently delivered for them. There is no secret to our success; it is based entirely on:

  • Our integrated management style, strong leadership and close day-to-day involvement of our Board of Directors, combined with their extensive knowledge of the environmental services industry and tough background in business management.
  • The rigorous recruitment processes that we employ which, when combined with our willingness to train, develop and reward all the members of our team, ensure that we retain people who are committed to our business and customers, as well as having world-class knowledge and experience on which we can draw.
  • The quality of our products and our investment in the most efficient hi-tech equipment with the affordability of the service we offer.
  • Our willingness to listen to, and act on, feedback from customers in order to constantly benchmark and improve our products and services.
  • Our commitment to only the highest health, safety and environmental standards.

OUR values

KCS’s tag line is ‘Living Clean’. These words are more than just an advertising slogan; they represent:

  • The nature of our business and the way we do business
  • Our intention to be a role model Cambodian company in terms of social, environmental and corporate responsibility.
  • Our commitment to improving the quality of life of our customers by providing them with a clean and healthy environment in which to live and work.

OUR vision

To be the ‘environmental services partner of choice’ in Cambodia and be recognized as:

  • A corporate role model of other Cambodian companies, in terms of responsible business practices and our commitment to the development and standard of living in Cambodia.
  • An employer of choice, based on remuneration, working conditions and development opportunities
  • Providing the best value, choice of products and levels of a service for our customers so that everyone can get the benefit from a clean, healthy, pleasant and sustainable environment in which to live and grow.

OUR mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with the best cleaning, pest control, and landscaping services to be found in Cambodia.

  • Training, developing and rewarding all the members of our team so that we retain people with world-class knowledge and experience that are committed to our customers.
  • Committing to the highest health, safety and environmental standards.
  • Constantly innovating, researching and adopting the latest products and techniques.
  • Listening to, and acting on, feedback from customers in order to continually improve our products and services.