Keeping your building glass clean is similar to keeping your business running. KCS has the most suitable glass cleaning facilities to make your business environment clean and tidy, and, moreover, to help build your business image too!

  1. Carpet shampooingIs your carpet dirty? Is it stained? Or has someone spoiled your valuable carpet? If you have ever encountered this problem, should you get a new one? The answer is probably “No.” Why should we spend and waste so much on a new carpet when we are here to save it and make it look as good as new?What you should do is give us a chance to save your carpet, and to become your closest friend in bringing you a clean and luxurious space.
  2. Floor waxingOur experts and professional team members are ready to provide you an excellent floor-waxing service to make your properties sparklingly clean and shiny. You’ll be impressed when you experience our professional service!
  3. Marble and serious stone floor maintenance
    The word “Impossible” doesn’t stop our professional staff from achieving our goal of committing ourselves to giving you a world-class service. We challenge you to try our offer of excellent service in marble and stone floor maintenance!